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  • Our venture builder is educational and practical at the same time – learn the key concepts of building a startup and apply them on your startup using our interactive assignments.
  • Want to make sure you are on the right track? Send us your work for feedback. We will review it, analyze it and send it to you with our comments and suggestions.
  • Leverage our gamification model to improve your startup – earn Xelera points for working on and improving your startup. Use the points you earned to redeem sessions with our experts and improve your startup even more.
  • Turn your idea into a business by following our step-by-step and using our interactive assignments as you progress.

01 Conceptualization

Start turning your idea into a business by analyzing the problem you solve, your market and the solution you offer.

02 Validation

Validate your most basic and important assumption and reduce the uncertainty of your startup. Research the market, calculate its value, and learn about your competitors.

03 Proof of Concept​

Test the feasibility of your solution by conducting a POC.

04 Go to market (GTM)​

Create a marketing plan that will help you turn relevant leads into paying customers.

05 Business modeling​

Plan your next steps, build a sustainable business model, and start working on your Minimum Viable Product.

06 Startup economics​

Create a budget, calculate your unit economics and build a financial forecast to make sure your startup makes economic sense.

07 Pilot

Test your MVP with your customers through a pilot and aim to reach product market fit.

08 Fundraising​

Research potential investors, create a fundraising plan, and build your investment literature including a professional investment deck, a one pager, and a pitch.

Our business and startup experts are at your service for guidance and support, based on your needs:

  • Assistance with a specific task? Find the right expert based on it’s business expertise.
  • Market or industry related insights? Book an hour with an expert of the right background and learn everything you need to know about the topic at hand.
  • Connections to customers or partners? Reach out to us and we will help browse our network to find them.
  • We have many experts in our network. Start your free trial and check for yourself.
Copia de Vikash-Kumar

Vikash Kumar

Sr. Manager – Projects & Business Strategy, Steel Authority of India Limited

Sector: Education, Industrial Services

Country: India

Copia de Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 12.57.49 PM - Sai Srinivas Bhogavalli

Sai Srinivas Bhogavalli


Sector: Lifestyle, Agriculture & Food, Energy

Country: India


Agustin Rabinovich

SMEs Client Manager – Banco del Sol

Sector: Finance & Investment, HR, Real Estate & Prop-Tech, Tech

Country: Argentina

Copia de profile - António Dominguez

Antonio Dominguez

Project Manager

Sector: Real Estate & Prop-Tech

Country: Lisboa

Copia de descarga - Juan Camilo Velasco

Juan Camilo Velasco

Business Intelligence Coordinator – Findeter SA

Sector: Industrial Services, Transportation, Energy

Country: Colombia

Copia de AOM - C - Ashley O'Mahony

Ashley O’Mahony

Data Scientist – Risk AI Research – BNP Paribas

Sector: Retail, Industrial Services, Logistics

Country: Spain

Copia de cv - smit srivastava

Smit Srivastava

Product & Portfolio Manager [Tech]

Sector: Transportation, Communications, Media & Advertising, Tech

Country: India

Copia de _DSC7159 copy 3 - Ricardo Lorenzini

Ricardo Lorenzini Valenti

Co-Founder & Co-CEO – 400C Pizza

Sector: Real Estate & Prop-Tech, Agriculture & Food

Country: Spain

Copia de Me - Abboud Mansour

Abboud Mansour


Sector: Real Estate & Prop-Tech

Country: France

Copia de Giulio Bellecca Picture - Giulio Bellecca

Giulio Bellecca


Sector: Industrial Services, Agriculture & Food

Country: italy

1574129878217_DSCF8875-Edit - Kin Wai Chan

Kelvin Chan

Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Lazada eLogistics

Sector: Energy, Tech, HR, Logistics

Country: Malaysia

Copia de WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 09.27.13 (1) - Philipp Herterich

Philipp Herterich

Senior Manager FP&A @ Sportradar

Sector: Lifestyle, Tech

Country: Germany


Valerio Meucci

Business Development in Amazon Web Services

Sector: Tech Professional Services

Country: Italy


Mariana Ramos Castillo

Finance Manager – Fabric Care @ Procter & Gamble

Sector: Industrial Services

Country: Spain

Foto DMP 2017 Compressed - Omer Konforti

Diego Marquez Pardinas

Sr. Consultant – Integration Consulting

Sector: Energy

Country: Mexico

EF-bw - Emily Fuller

Emily Fuller


Sector: Tech, Impact Tech, Finance & Investment, Retail

Country: Spain


Pedro Lazaretti Morato Castro

Co-Founder – Medflix Brasil

Sector: Finance & Investment, Tech, Entrepreneurship

Country: Brazil

Copia de Copy of PSASM Photo - Phil Macpherson

Phil Macpherson

Investment Manager

Sector: Finance & Investment,Agriculture & Food, Livestyle

Country: United Kingdom

Copia de Iram

Iram Surti

Technical Product Manager – Electronic Arts

Sector: Retail, Real Estate & Prop-Tech

Country: Spain


Andreas Giannopoulos

Strategy & Initiatives – Private Banking – Credit Suisse

Sector: Retail, Finance & Invetsment

Country: Greece

Copia de 29859702-2AA5-444C-8C62-133ED6397BDC - Jon Ugalde

Jon Ugalde


Sector: Professional Services, Entrepreneurship

Country: Spain

Processed with MOLDIV

Galina Misnik

People & Organization Director, Southern Europe – SmileDirectClub

Sector: Education, Agriculture & Food, Finance & Investment, Retail

Country: Spain

Copia de Foto perfil - LEANDRO DAMIAN COMPLETA

Leandro Completa

General Manager – FAEN Perfil Oficial

Sector: Chemicals, Transportation, Real Estate & Prop-Tech

Country: Argentina


Manuel Escanciano

Senior Strategy Consultant @ECC Solutions

Sector: Finance & Investment, Pharma & Health

Country: Spain


Sarah Benali

Freelance Communication & Marketing Consultant

Sector: Communications, Media & Advertising

Country: Canada

Copia de Photo - Georgios Nikolaidis

Georgios Nikolaidis

Management Consultant – Accenture

Sector: Tech, Finance & Investment

Country: Greece

Copia de 57BA282E-A2B7-4005-BEB2-C8887CAC6354 - Nnamdi Ehirim

Nnamdi Ehirim

Co-Founder – CommPass HQ; Fellow – Impact Amplifier

Sector: Energy, Finance & Investment

Country: Nigeria

Copia de a4471755-dfa4-4aa4-bca2-944f4eeedcbf - Carlo Blasio (1)

Carlo Blasio

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager – OMNi Costa Rica

Sector: Energy, Finance & Investment

Country: Costa Rica


Akanksha Gulia

Project Leader – 9.9 Education

Sector: Education, HR

Country: India


Michael Atme

Business Analyst – Big Little Robots

Sector: Communications, Media & Advertising, HR

Country: USA

Copia de Copy of Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 5.42.14 PM - Cat Dawson

Cat Dawson

Managing Partner, Diver Collective

Sector: Retail, Livestyle, Tech

Country: USA


Ricardo Martinez de la Maza

Business Development Manager – Uber

Sector: Pharma & Health, Tech, Transportation

Country: Mexico


Alfredo Lopez

Managing Director (H20 Capital Innovation)

Sector: Transportation, Energy, Tech, Finance & Investment, Real Estate & Prop-Tech

Country: Mexico


Nuno Boaventura Faria da Silva

Head of Energy Mannagement – Galp

Sector: Energy

Country: Spain

Copia de CBA Messina D001 - Damien Messina

Damien Messina

Program Director @ Impact Angel Network

Sector: Finance & Investment, Impact-tech

Country: Australia

Copia de 014 - Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain

Manager Corporate Strategy – PI Industries Ltd.

Sector: Chemicals, Finance & Investment

Country: India

Copia de credencial - JuanJo Rodriguez

Juan José Rodríguez Ruiz

CEO – Kipp

Sector: Chemicals

Country: Mexico

Copia de Imagen Corporativa Jairo - Jairo Andres Torres

Jairo Torres

Health Senior Manager

Sector: Transportation, Pharma & Health

Country: Santiago

Copia de HS10.21-TheDangerBooth-1 - Meredith Hayward

Meredith Hayward

Global Partner Strategy & Operations Analyst @ HubSpot

Sector: Finance & Investment, Tech

Country: USA

Copia de _DSC7462 - Andrea Sanchez

Andrea Sanchez Gomez

Head of LatAm & Business Operations – OnLoop

Sector: Pharma & Health, Retail, Tech

Country: Mexico

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Product FAQs

Does Xelera work on all the devices?

The platform is currently available on all desktop and tablet devices. Due to the nature of the work required, we believe the most effective and comfortable way to develop your entrepreneurial project is with a larger display.

What happens once I finish the journey?

Upon completion of the journey, you would have already built your idea into a working business and/or ready for fundraising. Should you require investment to further build or scale your business, you will be able to download a summarized PDF version of all the work done on the platform in the form of an investment deck and use it to contact investors. You also might be eligible to participate in our next demo day, where you can pitch your idea to Xelera’s network of investors.

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Yes, we allow multiple simultaneous sessions for you and your team, so there is no need to buy multiple subscription for your idea. Please make sure that you and your team members aren’t working on the same task, as it might over-write each other’s work.

Does Xelera require my full commitment?

Xelera is designed to both fit full time entrepreneurs and part time entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs would like to start working on their startup idea while keeping their day-job. This, of course increases the length of time required to complete the development process but makes it easier to bootstrap.

How long does it take to complete it?

Xelera was designed to be accessible and inclusive to everyone, and to allow the maximum flexibility to fit each founder’s time limitations. Hence you can build your business at your own pace. There are no minimum and maximum time limits whatsoever and progress depends on your level of engagement. If at least 2 founders are engaged full-time, we reckon it should take approximately 3-4 months on average to finish the 8 modules.

Can I work on more than one startup at a time?

We hold a one project per account approach as we believe each project should be given at most attention and resources. For now, starting another project requires setting up a second Xelera account.

Do I need a business background to use Xelera?

On the contrary – The whole idea of Xelera is to even the playing field and make entrepreneurship accessible for everyone regardless of bussiness experience. Everyone is welcome.

Does Xelera have a selection or filtration process?

Xelera aims to remove all barriers of entry for aspiring founders around the world. Our core aim is to build an accessible, affordable and inclusive platform for anyone who wishes to work on building the next unicorn. Just subscribe to the platform and start working immediately.