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The first stage of developing your idea will be breaking it down to the core parts: problem, market and solution, and putting it back together in a structured way to get it ready for further investigation.

The main objectives are:

Structure key concepts

Map core assumptions

Analyze key assumptions



Gather as much information  as possible about your customers’ needs and behaviour and about current market trends. Do so through structured surveys, interviews, online research, databases and reports.

The main objectives are:

Get to know your customers

Start developing your solution

Market investigation


Proof of Concept

At this stage you will check the feasibility of your project by conducting operational tests required to prove your solution’s viability and usability. Validate your solution and check whether your initial assumptions are correct or whether you should go back to the drawing board.

The main objectives are:

Asses the need for a PoC

Plan your PoC

Feasibility test


Go to market (GTM)

Analyze the personal and behavioral characteristics of your typical customer, how to influence its’ actions in different steps of the customer journey and the costs associated with the efforts required at various stages.

The main objectives are:

Analyze your customer

Set up a marketing budget

Learn how to convert it


Business planning

Time to focus on the essential business aspects of your project: create a strategic development plan for your startup, study and draft your business model and start developing your MVP.

The main objectives are:

Create a strategic plan

Define and characterize your MVP

Design your business model


Startup economics

We are off to play with numbers.  This module is all about the economic potential of your project. Make sure the numbers work out and prove the potential of your idea to yourself and to future investors.

The main objectives are:

Set up budget

Calculate your unit economics

Financial Forecasting

Get your startup ready



It is almost time to launch your startup! now you are about to put your product/service to the customers’ test. Getting initial feedback from actual customers will help you improve your offering and increase chances for reaching the desired product/market fit.

The main objectives are:

Design your pilot

Test your solution

Analyze customers' feedback



Finally. The moment of truth. Research and plan your fundraising to increase chances of success, provide your investors with clear and easy information about your startup and learn how to approach them.

The main objectives are:

Create a fundraising plan

Engage the investors

Design your deck, one pager and pitch

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Product FAQs

Does Xelera work on all the devices?

The platform is currently available on all desktop and tablet devices. Due to the nature of the work required, we believe the most effective and comfortable way to develop your entrepreneurial project is with a larger display.

What happens once I finish the journey?

Upon completion of the journey, you would have already built your idea into a working business and/or ready for fundraising. Should you require investment to further build or scale your business, you will be able to download a summarized PDF version of all the work done on the platform in the form of an investment deck and use it to contact investors. You also might be eligible to participate in our next demo day, where you can pitch your idea to Xelera’s network of investors.

Can my team work on the platform at the same time?

Yes, we allow multiple simultaneous sessions for you and your team, so there is no need to buy multiple subscription for your idea. Please make sure that you and your team members aren’t working on the same task, as it might over-write each other’s work.

Does Xelera require my full commitment?

Xelera is designed to both fit full time entrepreneurs and part time entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs would like to start working on their startup idea while keeping their day-job. This, of course increases the length of time required to complete the development process but makes it easier to bootstrap.

How long does it take to complete it?

Xelera was designed to be accessible and inclusive to everyone, and to allow the maximum flexibility to fit each founder’s time limitations. Hence you can build your business at your own pace. There are no minimum and maximum time limits whatsoever and progress depends on your level of engagement. If at least 2 founders are engaged full-time, we reckon it should take approximately 3-4 months on average to finish the 8 modules.

Can I work on more than one startup at a time?

We hold a one project per account approach as we believe each project should be given at most attention and resources. For now, starting another project requires setting up a second Xelera account.

Do I need a business background to use Xelera?

On the contrary – The whole idea of Xelera is to even the playing field and make entrepreneurship accessible for everyone regardless of experience. Everyone is welcome.

Does Xelera have a selection or filtration process?

Xelera aims to remove all barriers of entry for aspiring founders around the world. Our core aim is to build an accessible, affordable and inclusive platform for anyone who wishes to work on building the next unicorn. Just subscribe to the platform and start working immediately.