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Learn more about us through the most frequent questions and clarify all your doubts.

Product FAQs

Does Xelera work on all the devices?

Unfortunately, No. The platform is currently available on all desktop and tablet devices. Due to the nature of the work required, we believe the most effective and comfortable way to develop your entrepreneurial project is with a larger display.

What happens once I finish the journey?

Upon completion of the journey, you would have already built your idea into a working business and/or ready for fundraising. Should you require investment to further build or scale your business, you will be able to download a summarized PDF version of all the work done on the platform in the form of an investment deck and use it to contact investors. You also might be eligible to participate in our next demo day, where you can pitch your idea to Xelera’s network of investors.

Can my team work on the platform at the same time?

Yes, we allow multiple simultaneous sessions for you and your team, so there is no need to buy multiple subscription for your idea. Please make sure that you and your team members aren’t working on the same task, as it might over-write each other’s work.

Does Xelera require my full commitment?

No. Xelera is designed to both fit full time entrepreneurs and part time entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs would like to start working on their startup idea while keeping their day-job. This, of course increases the length of time required to complete the development process but makes it easier to bootstrap.

How long does it take to complete it?

Xelera was designed to be accessible and inclusive to everyone, and to allow the maximum flexibility to fit each founder’s time limitations. Hence you can build your business at your own pace. There are no minimum and maximum time limits whatsoever and progress depends on your level of engagement. If at least 2 founders are engaged full-time, we reckon it should take approximately 3-4 months on average to finish the 8 modules.

Can I work on more than one startup at a time?

No. We hold a one project per account approach as we believe each project should be given at most attention and resources. For now, starting another project requires setting up a second Xelera account.

Do I need a business background to use Xelera?

No. On the contrary – The whole idea of Xelera is to even the playing field and make entrepreneurship accessible for everyone regardless of bussiness experience. Everyone is welcome.

Does Xelera have a selection or filtration process?

No. Xelera aims to remove all barriers of entry for aspiring founders around the world. Our core aim is to build an accessible, affordable and inclusive platform for anyone who wishes to work on building the next unicorn. Just subscribe to the platform and start working immediately.

Pricing FAQs

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

You do not need a credit card to start your free trial. To start your free trial just create an account using your full name and email address. To access content beyond your free trial period, please choose one of our subscription plans and your preferred payment method.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do. Xelera offers all its new users a free trial. The free trial is unlimited in time and will give you access to our Journey up to a certain point. This is a great opportunity to discover what our platform has to offer. Please complete registration to get full access to the Journey and to the value adding services.

Are there any additional charges?

No. There are no mandatory extra charges. Having said that, there are different optional value-added services available to Xelera’s users (actionable feedbacks, consulting session with our network, and more) to customise your experience and further accelerate your project. We recommend using these services to improve the quality of your work and increase your project’s chances of success, but the choice is yours.

Do you keep my payment details?

Xelera is using PayPal as a third party payment processing facilitator. This means that your payment details and relevant information are stored by PayPal and are subject to their privacy policy and terms of use.

What payment methods do you accept?

We work with a wide variety of providers: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and PayPal.

What happens to my work if I cancel my subscription?

We recommend exporting all your work before canceling your subscription. Once you cancel your subscription you will not have access to the platform and your profile will be deleted. Your work will be saved in our records for a period of 3 months in case you decide to come back.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, Xelera does not offer any refunds. Having said that, you can cancel your subscription any time, regardless of which subscription plan you select, and we will not charge you for the next billing cycle.