The startup ecosystem is broken. We’re here to fix it.

As all early-stage founders and investors know, having a great idea or product is not enough to successfully build a business. Founders require access to many other resources like know-how, talent and funding.

Ironically enough, these resources are most needed by the ones that have the most limited accessibility to them: early-stage founders.

As a result, many founders are left wondering around in the startup wilderness, spending their own time, money and energy for months or years before coming across a real opportunity, or worse – before deciding to neglect their dreams and closing shop entirely.

For that reason, we have built Xelera. Through our inclusive and intuitive web-app, we offer founders everything they need during the early-stages of building
a business and help them save time, money and energy.

Xelera was founded by a group of professionals experienced in taking startups
from cradle to investment readiness. The founders graduated from the
prestigious International MBA program of IE business school, well known for its’
expertise in technological entrepreneurship (ranked 1st in Europe and 5th
worldwide for entrepreneurship).

Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Social agenda

We are very concerned about the numerous challenges faced by
humanity. Climate change, social inequality, international disputes and the likes pose a great threat to humanity’s prosperity and survival.

We believe technology is the solution. To face these challenges, humanity must leverage its innovativeness and creativity to create new and sustainable solutions that will help maintain our standard of living on one hand and minimize the damage it causes to our planet and to disadvantaged populations that live in it on the other hand. Simply put, humanity must leverage vivid and innovative startup ecosystems to develop sustainable solutions.

To do that, we must make sure every idea gets an equal chance at success and that all ideas are heard and well considered.

This requires the ascend of a new startup paradigm. One that gives equal chances at success to both novice and veteran founders and leverages the experience of the latter to promote the former. It requires an inclusive community that brings forth the joint efforts of individuals and institutions world-wide to provide accesible resources to founders and promote and support them while developing their ideas and turning them into sustainable companies that generate positive international impact.