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Xelera helps founders build innovative startup companies. We provide everything required to turn a startup idea into an investment-ready business through a practical, accessible and intuitive platform.

Value proposition for founders

Offering everything required to build a great startup company:

A digital venture builder

Turn your idea into a successful using Xelera's step by step interactive journey from idea to fundraising.

network of experts

Tap into our network for mentorship, professional support, hand-on consulting, and
developing your business.

Startup management tool

Build your startup using Xelera’s management tools. Our tools are intuitive and will help you manage and develop your business better.

Investment facilitation

Complete our venture builder and raise an investment. We will help you prepare and actively facilitate the investment.

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How it works

Building a bussiness in three steps: Sign-up, build, fundraise.


Sign-up to our platform and get immediate access to our venture builder.


Follow our 8 steps journey from idea to fundraising and turn your idea into a successful business.


Completed our venture builder? Your startup is now ready for investment and we will help you get it!

Manage your team’s work and progress through our intuitive startup management feature

Get all the support, assistance and contacts you need through our international network of experts

Manage your team’s work and progress through our intuitive startup management feature

Get all the support, assistance and contacts you need through our international network of experts

Why work with us?

Xelera’s one-stop-shop platform for founders caters to your every need and will help you make your entrepreneurial efforts as efficient and effective as possible:

An accessible experience

Xelera doesn’t hold strict selection practices. We believe that a can-do attitude is the only thing you need to build your startup. Just sign-up and start working.

Flexibility is the name of the game

Build your startup at your own pace. Whether you work on your startup full time or after you finish your day-job: Xelera is here for you. Take it at your own pace and commit to your project once your validation efforts are complete.

Practical work

We don’t just teach you about entrepreneurship, we help you practice it. Work on your startup idea and turn it into a business ready for fundraising. Get everything you need to approach investors, from theoretical knowledge, through solid and validated business models, to introductions and help facilitating an investment.

Affordable to founders

Xelera is suitable to price-sensitive founders through a simple subscription plan that gives you access to our venture builder and management tool, and value adding services for below market fees.

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Academic institutions?

Join us and give your entire student body a chance to work on their academic projects and turn them into practical startups. In addition, we will help you improve the way you track and monitor the work of your students. Finally, join our global entrepreneurship research center and help us improve the knowledge we share with our founders.

Angel investors?

We are constantly looking for investment partners that share our values and desire to promote change. Join our network of investment partners and get access to investment ready leads. In addition, give your existing portfolio a chance to enjoy our international network of experts for connections to customers and partners worldwide. Found an investment opportunity you like? Co-invest with other members of our network and create your own network of like-minded angel investors.

What our happy clients say

Erez Yosef


“ The consulerators used their experience to push forwarded the development of my startup –

Fun, encouraging and serious, working with xelera was a wonderful & highly recommended experience.As post MBAs they helped me validate and market my product, offering tools I had no access to otherwise.”

Alex Benetti


“ I can’t thank the Xelera team enough, with the help of the consuelrators I was able to take my company, Benetti Watches to the next step, their dedication, experience and guidance were key in finding the right path to develop my business.”

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