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Xelera is your very own holistic startup development platform, which offers an accessible and affordable way to build your innovative ideas.

Developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Why work with Xelera

Step by step guidance

A structured and intuitive startup development process: use the latest relevant models and frameworks backed by personalised and actionable feedback as you progress.

Top-class advice

Book consulting sessions with our business and entrepreneurship experts. Choose from a global network based on various factors such as experience, location and professional expertise.

Investment Readiness

On completion, you will have everything you need to build an investment deck for your startup. You will also get the opportunity to pitch to relevant investors at one of our demo days.

Discover each of the 8 modules of the
entrepreneurship map


Use our industry standard formats and frameworks to dissect your idea and get it ready for further investigation and validation to build strong foundations for your business.


Get out of the building and test your idea with potential clients and by getting their feedback.

Proof of Concept

Bold solutions to complicated problems require creative validation. Test your product/service and make sure it is feasible.

Go to market

Use our step-by-step model to discover the best marketing and sales techniques for acquiring your first customers as a base for future growth.

Business planning

Plan and Design the basic business aspects of your startup: your startup development plan,your business model, and your minimum viable product.

Startup economics

Startup economics Budgeting, Unit Economics and Financials. Getting the numbers right is crucial for the future of your business. Let us guide you through the calculations required to reveal your project's economic potential.


Put your product to the test. Engage with your customers and get valuable feedback on your offering. This will help you polish your product and win the hearts of your customers.


Prepare your startup for investment. Research and plan your strategy to secure investment, get all investment materials ready and practice your pitch. Good Luck!

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What our happy clients say

Erez Yosef


“ The consulerators used their experience to push forwarded the development of my startup –

Fun, encouraging and serious, working with xelera was a wonderful & highly recommended experience.As post MBAs they helped me validate and market my product, offering tools I had no access to otherwise.”

Alex Benetti


“ I can’t thank the Xelera team enough, with the help of the consuelrators I was able to take my company, Benetti Watches to the next step, their dedication, experience and guidance were key in finding the right path to develop my business.”

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